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Rules & Regulations

Click HERE for a printable version of the Rules & Regulations

These Rules and Regulations that are set forth are to be followed by all at all times:

  1. Rules and Management Regulation: These rules and regulations are hereby incorporated herein and may be modified by the management for the purpose of the protection of the health and welfare of others of Silver Lake Campground, LLC and for your protection, preservation and orderly management of the premises.

  2. Silver Lake Campground, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for your property left at the campground. This is true for winter storage as well as during the camping season. We urge you to have insurance to cover your trailer against natural disasters, theft, fire, and vandalism. You MUST maintain your own insurance coverage on your RV and Vehicles. The campground is NOT liable for ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE WHATSOEVER.

  3. Default and Performance: In the event that there is default on payment or in performance of Rules that are set forth, written notice will be given to leave the premises without refund.

  4. Law ordinances and insurance regulations: Campers agree to obey and carry out federal, state, county and municipal laws, regulations, rules and ordinances in regard to the premises hereby his/her use thereof without limitation, such laws includes all prohibitions regarding consumption and use of alcohol beverages by person(s) under age of 21 and/or giving or supplying such shall have the right to terminate and remove the tenant without refund.

  5. Excessive noise or abusive language will NOT be tolerated at any time. Other campers are here to enjoy the summer. Violation of this rule will result in you being asked to leave. Your camping privileges will be terminated without refund. Quiet hour is from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Observe "Reasonable Noise Control" at ALL times.

  6. All pets must be leashed and owners must clean up after them. Seasonal campers with pets must obtain a Pet Permit for each additional pet brought to the campground. Your first pet will not require a permit or charge, just additional pets beyond the first pet will be charged $35 each. If your area is not clean, a $35 charge will be imposed by management to clean up after your pet.

    Pets may NOT run loose throughout the Campground.
    Pets MUST be kept under Constant Supervision and Control.
    If there is no one at your site, your pet MUST be secured inside your unit.
    DO NOT allow your pet to disturb your neighbor (i.e. continued barking, etc.).
    DO NOT leave your pet out ALL NIGHT.
    ALL pets are to be walked in the back parking lot or off premises and not walked in immediate campground. DO NOT Walk your dog in the Playground area.
    You MUST clean up after your pet.
    No more than 1 pet per campsite.

  7. SWIMMING IS PROHIBITED. There are no exceptions. Boating is at the risk of each camper and their guests. There are designated beaches off Campground premises at Silver Lake and swimming should be limited to those areas.

  8. The use of premises for other than camping, boating or general recreational purposes will NOT be permitted.

  9. The Boat launch area can become slippery when wet. Please use caution when you are putting your boat in or out of the lake. Please DO NOT jump from dock to your boat trailer. Use common sense.

    Only one boat can be docked in the boat slip leased separately or provided to seasonal campers. If you have more than one boat (includes canoes, jet skis) you will have to trailer the additional boat or you can lease an additional dock space, either at daily or seasonal rates. Also if left in parking lot with jet ski, canoes or boat there is a $100.00 fee for the season. The campground manager will direct you where to store your trailer/jetski/boat, etc.

  10. Due to limited space, four wheelers are NOT allowed in the campground.

  11. Only one car per campsite is allowed. Any additional cars must be parked up in the parking lot or above on the hill. Additional care will be charged $5 per car, per day. See management should you wish to purchase a seasonal pass for visitors. During holiday weekends please take advantge of the new parking lot access from the main entrance.

  12. You may bring in your own firewood for the entire season for $20. You are required to pile your wood in a safe manner and stack it in an organized fashion. DO NOT just dump piles near your campsite as it is unsightly and can be a safety hazard. DO NOT bring in used lumber/wood with nails.

    All campfires must be out before retiring for the evening or leaving the campground. No glass, cans or trash are to be placed in fire rings. ALL seasonal campers are to keep fire rings cleaned out. Put ashes or any other garbage in bag and discard in dumpster.

    Closely Supervise and Control Campfires !!!

  13. All seasonal campers will be required to place a $50.00 deposit for your electrical meter. If the meter is broken you will forfeit your deposit. An additional deposit of $100.00 is required to pay towards your seasonal electric. Any usage of electric beyond $100.00 will be billed to you monthly and due in 10 days.

  14. For safety reasons, Electric and Kerosene Heaters SHOULD NOT be used in Recreational Vehicles. You should have a fully operational Fire Extinguisher and Fire Alarms at ALL TIMES.

  15. Campers may NOT attempt to access any Electric Breaker Panels.

  16. The Campground is NOT responsible for ANY loss, damage, or inconvenience that results from interruption in Electric Service.

  17. Avoid tripping the breaker to your Site by drawing too much electricity at one time. Each site is limited to 30 amps.

  18. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour for the safety of all children and campers.

  19. Adult Supervision of your children is a MUST while in the campground and playground.

  20. Fireworks are prohibited and could result in the removal from the park without refund. Anyone that does any damage to anything in the park or on water will also be held accountable.

  21. Illegal Drugs are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN anywhere in the Campground and will be reported to the local authorities.

  22. WEAPONS of any type (Gun, Bow & Arrow, Knife, etc.) or FIREWORKS are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN in the Campground.

  23. Summer or winter storage of your boat or camper costs $100 per storage season each. Management will direct you where to temporarily store your items and they may have to be moved elsewhere in the campground to accommodate all campers during certain holidays for parking needs. Parking for empty trailers cost $50.00 per season while boat storage in the parking lot is $100.00 for the season. The manager will direct you on where to store your trailer/boat on the property.

  24. Anyone who writes a check that is returned by the bank for insufficient funds will be assessed a $35 handling/return fee.

  25. Any other immediate family member who wishes to use your trailer, including any of your married children and their families may do so with written permission. All others will be asked to leave. (Management needs to know who has the right to use your camper.)

  26. Campers are responsible to keep their area clean around their camper. Please use consideration to the people mowing around your camper by removing obstacles that would interfere with mowing. All trash should be placed in the proper receptacles and are to be placed in plastic bags and tied. Management will provide general mowing of the grounds. You are responsible for trimming around yout site.

  27. Parking will be left to the management. You will be told where to park when checking in with the office. Please be considerate of others who need to park and maneuver through the park. All Guests visiting must check in at office and obtain a parking pass. If you have a boat trailer, speak to the manager before parking. Visitors and Guests MUST register and be accompanied by a Registered Camper at ALL times. Ensure that your guests are observing the RULES & REGULATIONS.

  28. If you upgrade your camper with a larger one, please check with the office manager to make sure we have room or we will have to put you elsewhere.

  29. Unwanted fish or fish parts are to be wrapped and placed in a sealable bag to be disposed n the trash dumpster, not the lake.

  30. If you sell or leave your seasonal site before the season is over, you are still responsible for the remainder of your seasonal rent. Your responsibility can not be transferred to the buyer of your camper without previous permission from management.

  31. No additions or alterations are allowed to your decks without management approval. Take your deck with you unless you wish to abandon it or leave it if management considers it safe to be reused by the next tenant. If you wish to discard your deck and it is not reusable, there will be a $75 disposal fee should you not take the deck with you.

  32. Any fees that pertain to permanent campsites not paid in fiscal year will be added to next year seasonal rate and paid in full or your park privilege will terminate.

  33. All water craft are to be kept in parking area at rear of camping area and not trailed into immediate camping area.

  34. No dumping of gray water is allowed. Please tell management if an accident occurs. No tents are allowed on permanent sites. Additional fees are required - see management.

  35. Washing vehicles is NOT PERMITTED. DO NOT waste water.

  36. Absolutely NO vehicle maintenance (oil change, engine repair, etc.) allowed on premises.

  37. Sewers - NO duct tape or hoses with holes. They must be properly secured.

  38. As of January 1, 2011, no one will be allowed to attach (screw, nail, etc.) to any tree or telephone pole in the park.

  39. All campers and tenters are allowed up to 4 persons per unit.


Click HERE for a printable version of the Rules & Regulations



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